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MainSustainable development

Sustainable development

IMH’s long-term strategy is aimed at achieving stable figures of financial and economic growth. We understand that this target can be reached only under conditions of constructive partnership and social stability in regions where we are present

That is why we believe that maintaining effective interaction with business partners, public authorities, personnel and communities is one of the priority spheres of the company’s activities. To complete this task, we follow the policy of honest and open communications, as well as timely and responsible informing people about the company’s current activities and intentions.

IMH, being of the leading Russian metals and mining companies, has a prominent influence on economic development, social and environmental situation in regions where the company’s assets are located.

We are committed to maintaining partner relations with authorities at various levels, including municipal, rural and regional, to create by joint efforts dignified and safe living conditions for communities.

The integrated management system that we are implementing, that takes into account interests of consumers, suppliers, shareholders and personnel of the enterprises contributes to the sustainability of the business. This system includes automation of all management systems, improving the quality of internal and external communications, in-depth elaboration of the human resources capacity development system and assurance of social welfare of the companies’ employees. In addition, one of the fundamental elements of our integrated management system is assurance of quality labour conditions with respect to all production safety criteria, steady reduction of the illness and injury rate.

We are committed to broad implementation of principles of lean production as well as improvement of labour efficiency and productivity, which has a positive effect on the products’ cost and our competitive ability in the long term.

We achieve maximum reduction of the impact of our enterprises on the environment. Many problems have been already successfully solved. Thus, our coal enterprises successfully recultivate post mining areas; the iron ore mining plant implements a unique gobbing project. Enterprises of a higher added value use processes including practically 100% waste recycling. Their production facilities include a closed water supply cycle excluding discharge of process waters into the environment. In addition, we carry out ongoing work aimed at improving the energy efficiency of our enterprises, which produces both an economic and environmental effect.

Balanced asset development, sound and effective investment policy, highly professional personnel and support from local communities are the foundation on which we build the future of IMH.

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