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Tula-Steel produced the millionth ton of steel

28 April 2020

Tula-Steel Metallurgical Plant (IMH partner enterprise) produced its millionth ton of steel. This event, with a one-day difference, coincided with the annual anniversary of first heat, which took place on April 27, 2019.

“It took the company only a year to produce the first million tons of steel. Considering that a significant part of last year the plant worked in commissioning mode, this is a very good result. Currently, Tula-Steel has mastered production of more than 10 sizes of rebar. The company is ready to supply rebar and billets both directly from the plant and from the warehouse in stock”, - Evgeny Leshchev, Tula-Steel General Director said.

The plant is located in Tula, which allows delivering products to consumers in Moscow and other regions of the Central Federal District in just a few hours. The minimum shipping rate is one pack. Products are delivered both by road and rail. The company's supply geography is not limited to Russia: Tula-Steel also exports billets and rebars.

As a raw material, Tula-Steel uses liquid pig iron from the world-famous manufacturer Tulachermet, located close to the plant. This permits to produce rolled products with a minimum content of harmful impurities.

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