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Sukreml Ironworks supplied products for construction of a new infectious hospital in Moscow

1 April 2020

Sukreml Ironworks (Lyudinovo, Kaluga region), one of the leading domestic manufacturers of cast iron for railway industry and urban infrastructure, supplied the first batch of socketless products and fittings for construction of an infectious diseases hospital in New Moscow (Voronovskoye settlement).

Sukreml Ironworks has already shipped 3 thousand pieces of socketless pipes and about 7.5 thousand pieces of joining elements, more than 90 tons of products in total. Socketless cast-iron pipes and fittings are used to install sewage systems of a medical facility.

Hospital in the settlement of Voronovskoye will complement the work of hospital in Kommunarka and the Infectious Clinical Hospital No. 1 on quarantine and treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. Sukreml Ironworks will supply socketless products until construction of the medical facility is completed.

Sukreml Ironworks is the only Russian manufacturer of pipes and fittings for socketless systems. All of the plant's socketless products are produced in accordance with the European standard EN 877.

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