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Sukreml Ironworks significantly increased socketless pipes production

4 March 2020

Sukreml Ironworks (Lyudinovo, Kaluga Region), one of the leading domestic manufacturers of cast iron for railway industry and urban infrastructure, produced more than 1.5 thousand tons of socketless pipes in 2019, which is three times higher than in 2018.

Increase in production volumes was due to the expansion of the product range (production of pipes with a diameter of 125 mm and new standard sizes of fittings was mastered), as well as development of production technology at all stages – from casting to painting.

“Last year, the company showed good results for socketless products. We managed to establish optimal operation of the equipment along entire process chain, which allowed us to achieve high performance and quality of pipes and fittings. In 2020, we plan to increase the production of SML pipes and the range of manufactured fittings. In addition, since 2019, we have started exporting socketless pipes to Kazakhstan, this year we are considering the possibility of supplying our products to other countries of the EAEU”, - Vitaly Avdyushkin, Managing Director of Sukreml Ironworks, noted.

Sukreml Ironworks is the only Russian manufacturer of pipes and fittings for socketless systems. The plant’s advantages are a constant stock of goods, as well as minimal transport costs and delivery times in Central Russia. All of the plant's socketless products are produced in accordance with the European standard EN 877.

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