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Sukreml Ironworks mastered production of new types

5 December 2019

Sukreml Ironworks (part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding), one of the leading domestic manufacturers of cast iron for railway industry and urban infrastructure, has mastered the new typical sizes of pipes and fittings for socketless systems.

The company started serial production of socketless pipes with a nominal diameter of 125 mm. Previously, the plant has already mastered production of pipes Ø 100 and 150 mm - the most popular typical sizes used in Russia today.

Sukreml Ironworks also started production of new typical sizes of socketless fitting - plugs Ø 50, 100 and 150 mm, bends 45° Ø 100 mm, inspection fittings Ø 100 mm and T-joints 45° (Ø 100x50, 100x100, 150x150 mm). During the manufacturing of pipes and fittings, two-component epoxy coating technology is used, providing high protection against corrosion and other environmental influences.

The main advantage of socketless systems compared with socket ones is tightness of joints and connections, which ensures the buildings safety and eliminates the use of additional sealing materials. In addition, socketless systems are easier to install and repair.

Sukreml Ironworks is the only Russian manufacturer of pipes and fittings for socketless systems. Such systems are used for water sewage inside private and multi-apartment buildings, as well as industrial facilities. All socketless products of the plant are produced in accordance with the European standard EN 877.

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