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Sukreml Ironworks mastered production of new products for metallurgy

17 March 2020

Sukreml Ironworks (Lyudinovo, Kaluga region), one of the leading domestic manufacturers of cast iron for railway industry and urban infrastructure, has mastered production of chain links and grates used at the metallurgical enterprises.

Chain links are used in the structure of casting machines for molds installation. The company produces such links from 110G13L steel. Sukreml Ironworks plans to produce about 1.6 thousand units of this product annually.

Grates are used in the pallet cars of sintering plants at metallurgical enterprises. This product is made from ICH30018G3 pig iron. The company plans to produce about 9 thousand units of grates per year.

“We received a positive opinion from Tulachermet based on the results of testing chain links and grates in the current production environment. This is a new product for us, which was mastered as part of the program to expand the company’s product portfolio. Our first priority was to close the IMH needs, however, production capacities of Sukreml Ironworks allow us to supply these products to other enterprises in the industry. Currently, development of new products for metallurgy continues, there are, for example, replaceable and wearing parts for rolling mills, steel castings for mills of washing plants,” - Vitaly Avdyushkin, Managing Director of Sukreml Ironworks, noted.

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