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Shchekino Boiler Auxiliary Equipment and Pipeline Plant KVOiT manufactured air duct for Severstal

29 April 2019

PJSC SHCHEKINO PLANT KVOit (a part of IMH) manufactured hot blast ring duct for Cherepovets steel mill of Severstal. Hot blast ring duct is designed to ensure the equal heated air injection to blast furnace.

The air duct made for Severstal consists of eight elements, has an inner diameter of up to 3800 mm and a total weight of 127.5 tons. According to contracts in force, KVOiT will produce for Severstal metal structures with a total weight of 832 tons.

“We strive to constantly increase the competence and production potential of the enterprise. Cooperation with such large companies as Severstal is a confirmation of our new opportunities. The complexity of manufacturing the duct is associated with a large number of labor-intensive processes at all production stages from rolling to metal structures mounting. In Russia, only small number of enterprises is able to manufacture such complex structures,”- noted Sergey Sokolov, KVOiT General Director.

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