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Public Discussion

21 September 2011

Public discussion of consequences of the enterprise capacity increase was held at «KMAruda Integrated Plant» OJSC.

Representatives of «PeterGORproject» LLC, «KMAruda Integrated Plant» OJSC, structural departments of Gubkinskiy city district administration and city residents participated in public hearings on the issue of «Assessment of the environmental impact produced by «KMAruda Integrated Plant» OJSC production capacity increase.

Discussion of the measures aimed at preservation of the territory’s environmental balance was the main topic of the hearings. Having familiarized with the project documentation prepared by the experts representing the integrated plant and «PeterGORproject» LLC, hearings participants pointed out that in carrying out its production operations the enterprise proceeded from combining environmental and economic interests ensuring human rights for healthy and sound environment, the rational use of natural resources and the necessity of measures to be aimed at their restoration.

The integrated plant’s development plans, concurrently with implementation of the project for its production capacity increase, intend for implementation of measures aimed at environmental impact mitigation. They include integration of up-to-date dust-trapping, gas-cleaning and water treatment facilities, reconstruction of the concentration process area, stowing complex, organization of production control and environmental condition monitoring system, and a number of others.

As a result of the hearings, this version of the technical project was adopted as a basis.

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