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POLEMA launches Russia's first production of spherical powders for additive technologies and coatings

28 September 2018

POLEMA, the powder metallurgy plant (a part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding), put into operation the newest equipment for metal powders production for overlay welding, spraying and additive technologies.

Equipment park includes atomizer with a vacuum chamber, classifiers, spheroidization system. New complex allows to increase sphericity of particles, significantly reduce impurity content and separate fractions in a narrow range. As a result, the quality of manufactured products fully complies with the best world analogues.

The atomizer with a vacuum chamber produces spherical powders with increased bulk density and high flow indexes. In addition, the melting process in vacuum chamber reduces the content of gas impurities in powders.

Sieve and air classifications allow to 5 times increase the capacity of target fractions sieving in comparison with previously used equipment and to separate narrow material fractions with a step of up to 1 μm.

Industrial spheroidizing unit is unique equipment in Russia. There are only 7 similar units in the world. The process of spheroidization in inductively coupled plasma provides significant reduction of oxygen impurities. Sphericity index of such a powder is not less than 96%. Thanks to use of new unit, it was possible to master production of spherical tungsten and molybdenum powders for 3D printing. Previously, only 2 companies in the world produced similar products.

High sphericity ensures the steady powder input during 3D printing process. Such powders are also used for protective coatings, improving the wear-resistance of critical components and parts, while the steady input of spherical material allows to avoid or reduce the need of additional mechanical surface treatment.

The powders, produced on new equipment, are used in manufacture of products for high-tech industries: aerospace, medicine, instrumental, etc.

POLEMA became the first Russian enterprise, producing powders with high particles sphericity and material purity. The new equipment allows to completely displace import of powders for 3D printing, MIM technologies and coatings. The company is capable to produce spherical powders on Fe, Ni, Co, Mo, W-bases.

Equipment was purchased under the project implemented with support of the Industrial Development Fund. Investments in the project amounted more than 450 million rubles.

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