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Kombinat Kmaruda reduces the cost of purchased electric power

11 November 2019

The main step down substation with a capacity of 35 MW has been launched at Kombinat KMAruda (part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding). Investments in the project amounted to about RUB 500 mln.

Substation’s commissioning ensured uninterrupted power supply directly from the power system. This allowed to purchase electricity from the Federal Grid Company and therefore to reduce the cost of kWh.

Step down substation receives power supply from the power system and then distributes electricity at a lower voltage to all the enterprise’s facilities. Substation capacities are designed to fully meet the current and future power needs of the plant, including new facilities being built as part of the project to increase the annual production of iron ore from 5 to 7 mln tons.

“Launch of step down substation is the most important production event of 2019, - notes Sergey Solodyankin, Managing Director of Kombinat KMAruda, - Firstly, by reducing the cost of kWh, the company will save millions of rubles. The second important point is that we will provide the enterprise’s facilities with uninterrupted power supply. Third is obtaining the Energy Performance Certificate. Without substation, it would be extremely difficult to do it”.

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