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IMH held Research-to-practice conference

26 November 2020

Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH), one of the leading global suppliers of merchant pig iron and coke, held the first stage of the V Research-to-Practice Conference.

The Conference was attended by employees of enterprises from all regions of the company's presence - Kemerovo, Tula, Belgorod and Kaluga regions. In total, the first stage of the Conference included 84 reports in five sections: "Metallurgy", "Power supply, automation, mechanization", "Coke-chemical production", "Mining and mineral processing", "Labor protection, industrial safety, ecology and management, administrating".

Two more stages of the Conference will take place in the nearest future. During the second stage, the best speakers from IMH, as well as specialized enterprises, scientific and educational organizations of the regions of presence, will present their works, and during the third stage – the students of grades 6-11.

Due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's conference was held online. Also, the presentations of employees from different enterprises took place on the same day, depending on the topic of their reports, while previously the differentiation of reports was made in accordance with the site of Research-to-Practice Conference.

The IMH Research-to-Practice Conference has been held annually since 2016. The total economic effect from implemented proposals of the participants has already exceeded RUB 3.4 bln cumulatively. Participants’ works are published in the Conference Manual, one of the main books in IMH Library. The Conference is held under the unified educational brand "IMH Days of Science".

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