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Evgeniy Zubitsky bought out PJSC Koks shares from Bonum Capital

27 January 2022

Industrial Metallurgical Holding announces that President of the Company Evgeniy Zubitsky bought out 16% of Koks shares from Bonum Capital. Thus, majority shareholder raised his stock to 82% both in direct and indirect ownership.

Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation granted approvals for the applications of Kombinat KMAruda and TD Tula-Steel for buying shares of Koks (11.5% and 4.5% respectively). In total based on granted permission 16% of Koks’ shares were purchased from investment fund Bonum Capital by companies owned by mr. Zubitsky . At the same time the former minor shareholder Victoria Kazak dropped all suits related to Koks.

«Consolidation of Koks’ stocks by President of IMH Evgeniy Zubitsky and dropping all suits originally initiated by Victoria Kazak mean the end of the corporate conflict. This case is a great benefit for Company’s development and employees’ welfare», – said Sergey Frolov, vice-president for strategy and communications.

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