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Alexey Philippov has been appointed as managing director

2 October 2019

Industrial Metallurgical Holding, a Russian vertically integrated mining and metallurgical company, announces the appointment of Alexey Filippov as Managing Director of the POLEMA powder metallurgy plant (Tula).

In this position, he superseded Dmitry Martynov, headed the company since 2016. Alexey Filippov previously worked as Chief Engineer of the plant.

Biography of Alexey Filippov

Born in 1984. Graduated from the Russian State University specializing in Law and Tula State University with a degree in Machines and Technology for Metal Processing by Pressure. Started his career in 2003 at POLEMA JSC as a non-ferrous metallurgy product controller. Since 2017, he worked as the Chief Engineer of the enterprise. In October 2019, he has been appointed as Managing Director of POLEMA JSC.

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