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IMH is the largest global exporter of merchant pig iron and the biggest Russian coke producer. Besides that, we account for a significant share of global powder metallurgy market

IMH’s sales policy includes a wide diversification of the markets and most flexible and personalized approach to clients. We will promptly respond to changes in market conditions in both domestic and global demand and offer products to comply with customers’ needs. The favorable geographical position allows holding companies to work with the same efficiency on almost all export markets.

Merchant pig iron is produced at Tulachermet plant. The main consumers of this product are EAF steel manufacturers and steel foundries. Shipments of Tulachermet’s pig iron are made all over the world, but the main export destinations are currently the United States, Western and Eastern Europe as well as Turkey. Tulachermet accounts for 16% of world merchant pig iron exports.

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Logistics department of IMH has a broad experience in the sphere of transport and help to deliver the purchased products on time and at the lowest cost.

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