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Care for veterans

The tradition of responsive and considerate attitude to veterans at IMH was laid by Boris Zubitskiy, a member of the RF State Duma, when he held the position of KOKS Director General

Today, veterans are honorary guests at all festivities, concerts and events dedicated to memorable dates of IMH’s plants

As the holding develops, successful experience of coke chemical engineers is shared with new enterprises, adding to and enriching their list of activities aimed at paying tribute to merits of previous generations of specialists.

Today, veterans are honorary guests at all festivities, concerts and events dedicated to memorable dates of IMH’s plants. Meetings with veterans are held on a regular basis at the enterprises, at which they are given an account of technical novelties and development prospects of the near and dear plant.

The enterprises pay benefits and bonuses to veterans, present gift sets on holidays. Excursion trips are organized for them, and help in organizing health resort treatment is rendered. Reception hours for veterans when they can discuss pressing matters with managers of the enterprises and obtain specific help are mandatory.

IMH's veterans

Veteran organizations, for their part, carry out energetic activities for educating and attracting the young generation to the history of plants and their native land. Many photography exhibitions and museum displays have been prepared due to their care and initiatives. By sharing their remembrances and publishing their archives, they help to understand how much was done to establish the enterprises, and that successful results depend in the first place on people who stand immediately by coke batteries, cutter-loaders and blast furnaces.

Veteran councils of IMH’s enterprises are permanent participants of municipal and regional events. Farm yield and handcraft exhibitions, lections for students at museums of local lore, educational events dedicated to the history of the city and bravery of previous generations, as well as excursions for schoolchildren, home care to elderly employees — these and many other activities have become a good tradition for IMH’s veteran councils.

Veteran councils of IMH’s enterprises are permanent participants of municipal and regional events

Solemn ceremonies in honour of an anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Miner’s Day and Steelworker’s Day, City Day in regions of presence of IMH’s enterprises — at all events, our veterans are honorary and welcome guests.

One can judge about the mood with which veterans visit their plants by the words of Vladimir Melnikov, a veteran of KOKS, honorary coke worker, «I worked at coke batteries for almost 30 years. We have given way to the younger generation. It is important that they continue to expand the plant and make it better.»

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