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IMH is a responsible choice for professionals and beginners

IMH is a dynamically developing company. We are committed to using the latest achievements of science and technology in our work, that is why work at IMH is always an opportunity to gain unique experience, broaden one’s knowledge and improve qualification.

We offer to our employees:

  • Interesting work and an opportunity to realize their potential.
  • Opportunity to work in a tightly-welded team of professionals.
  • Career growth opportunity.
  • Individual and corporate training and upskilling programs.
  • Opportunity to exchange experience with industry leaders, participation in all-Russian and international trade shows, conferences and forums.
  • Steady income and social protection.

We are proud to note that a considerable part of the personnel of our plants stays in the company for many years.

We are proud to note that a considerable part of the personnel of our plants stays with the company for many years. Often, taking cue from the older generation, employees’ children and grandchildren enter jobs at the company’s works and plants, and large dynasties develop. Veterans willingly share their experience with young beginners, help them to get themselves familiar with complicated production processes and peculiarities of production machinery. Young specialists, in their turn, introduce new, nonstandard solutions and innovative ideas.

We offer broad opportunities for career growth. Specifically, «The best in the profession», a vast competition system, has been launched at the enterprises. The practice of organizing workforce reserves has been introduced. A system of bonuses for making rationalization suggestions has been developed (Total Production Optimization, TPO).

Each employee who works in good faith at its job, demonstrates initiative and develops its professional skills will certainly move up the career ladder over time and obtain a deserving recognition of its merits.

Actual company vacancies

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