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Key figures

2.4 mln t.
Coal concentrate
4,8 mln t.
Iron ore
2.6 mln t.
Pig iron
2.7 mln t.
2.1 mln t.
Iron ore
2.6 mln t.
  • Ore and Pig Iron division unites three IMH enterprises: Kombinat KMAruda, Tulachermet and Sukreml Ironworks.
  • KMAruda is located in the city of Gubkin, Belgorod region, and is the main supplier of iron ore concentrate for Tulachermet. The plant is developing Korobkovskoye deposit of the world's largest iron ore basin - the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. The company is among top 10 Russian iron ore concentrate producers with a design capacity of 4.8 mln tons of ore and 2.1 mln tons of concentrate per year.
  • Tulachermet (city of Tula) is one of the leading Russian merchant pir iron producers and exporters with production capacity of 2.2 mln tons. The plant produces more than 30 grades of pig iron for metallurgy and machine building. The main enterprise's consumers are located in Russia, USA, Europe and Middle East countries. 
  • Sukreml Ironworks (Lyudinovo, Kaluga region) is one of the leading domestic producers of iron castings. The plant manufactures various products from steel and cast iron: grinding balls for mining and processing enterprises, different types of manholes and rainwater inlets, as well as a wide range of sanitary products. 
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