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Powder metallurgy

Порошковые изделия

Manufacture of products using powder metallurgy techniques develops in the direction of development of products made of new perspective materials, expansion of the product range and improvement of the design of machined tungsten-, molybdenum-, chrome-, and composites-based products.

The following powder metallurgy techniques are used in production of metal powders: hydrogen reduction (tungsten, molybdenum powders), reduction of metal oxides by calcium hydride (titanium, chrome, titanium-zirconium, stainless pressed steels and heat-resisting complex alloys, intermetallides), gas and high-pressure water melt spraying (nickel-, iron-, cobalt-, copper-, stannic-, and zinc-based allows), milling (electrolytic chrome, nickel aluminium alloys for hydrogenation catalysts, manganese nickel catalyst for diamond synthesis), agglomeration (composite heat-sensitive powders). The enterprise produces more than 250 types of various metal powders for spray coating and flame plating, manufacture of materials for engineering and electrical purposes.

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