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Industrial Metallurgical Holding

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IMH enterprises are the leaders of Interfax-ERA ecological and energy efficiency rating

16 January 2019

Companies of the Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH) took first places in their industries in the annual rating of ecological and energy efficiency, compiled by Interfax-ERA agency.

Koks took the first place among the enterprises of coke-chemical industry, Kombinat KMAruda was the first among the iron ore producers and Butovskaya mine - the first among the coal-mining enterprises. Butovskaya mine also became a leader in the Kemerovo Region in terms of increasing eco-efficiency indicators.

The use of the best available technologies in the field of environmental protection is one of the basic principles of IMH operation. Emission reduction strategy is implemented at all enterprises of the holding, five enterprises are certified according to the international standard ISO 14001.

When calculating the rating, such factors as environmental emissions, costs of materials, fuel, heat and electricity, as well as the volume of output were taken into account. In total, 5732 companies from Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the rating.

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