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Industrial Metallurgical Holding


Butovskaya mine

Subsidiary of IMH-Coal

Butovskaya mine produces coking coal of grades К, КО, КСМ in Chesnokovskiy district of the Kemerovo coal deposit

In accordance with JORC classification, resources of the Butovskaya mine are estimated at 111.1 mln. t. of coal. It is expected that the mine age may reach as much as 40 years.

The mine is located in close vicinity to the city of Kemerovo. Its first stage with the production capacity of 0.9 mln. t. per year was commissioned in 2013. At present, the second stage is under construction. The total projected capacity of the mine is about 1.8 mln. t.

Construction of the mine lasted over 5 years. During this time, all necessary infrastructure facilities were built at industrial sites of the enterprise: a process complex for receiving, storage of and shipping coal, main ventilation fan plant, boiler house, treatment facilities, electric substation, two power transmission lines from Kemerovo Heat Power Plant and many others. The mine field is opened by three inclines.

Coal is mined using an up-to-date high-capacity mechanised complex. At the mine, the latest equipment from the world’s leading and national manufacturers that enables the enterprise to ensure highly-efficient coal mining, mine opening, delivery of cargoes and transportation of workers to workplaces and reliable protection of personnel in case of emergencies. The safety of mine workers is ensured not only by stationary monitor sensors but also by the latest portable devices for monitoring of hazardous gas content, coal dust deposition, air speed and parameters of the condition of the mine atmosphere.

Berdyshev Evgeniy Eduardovich

Butovskaya mine director
Evgeniy Berdyshev was born in 1971. He graduated from Kuzbass Polytechnic Institute with a degree in «Mine and underground construction» with mining engineer-builder qualification.

In 1993 he started working at Birulinskaya mine as underground mining master. At Butovskaya mine he began to work as an underground site manager in March, 2013. From July, 2013 to February, 2017 he served as deputy director of production and in February, 2017 was appointed Butovskaya mine director.

Evgeniy is married and has two daughters.
14.10.2010 Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant introduces new technology

Implementation of a major project to process pure fat coal is being completed at OAO Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant.

Butovskaya mine